Endless Possibilities

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Implementing reliable interfaces for ProPush protocols as long as delivering the best features possible is the most important part of our service. The protocols change frequently, so maintaining the latest technologies is our priority. ProPush marketing tools including segment targeting, variable-substitution, localization, drip marketing, and conversion tracking will make sure you get the best performance possible.

Multiple Browser support

ProPush Currently Supports Firefox (version 44+) and Chrome (version 42+), on Desktop and Mobile.

Fast Setup

Just add the javascript files to site and go live in few minutes.

Multi Action Notifications

Now you can have multiple call to actions in each notification, which can target users. You can use custom image for each call to action.

High Click Through Rates than Email

Browser push notifications, can deliver 3 to 10x higher click rate over email. See our aggregate data chart on the side.

Schedule Your Notifications

Schedule Your notifications so you don’t have send notifications during you weekend, or on vacation. Schedule your notifications to your audience when they are more likely to Click. Now you can also do recurring scheduling, and send notifications Week, every Month, or any fixed interval.